Thursday, 2 April 2015

Milky Way Astrophysics from Wide Field Surveys - Part III

The final day of the Wide Field Surveys meeting started by focussing on the later stages of a star's life, including red giant stars (big, bright and red), asymptotic giant branch stars (bigger, brighter, and redder!), planetary nebulae (a type of dying star), and white dwarfs (the final remnant of a dying star).

The focus then shifted to star clusters, which is my area of interest, and in fact this was when I gave my own presentation to the audience, and then finally there were presentations and discussions about future surveys, which can be useful to think about what research might be possible in the future.

All in all its been a very interesting meeting, with a wide array of science topics covered, which has been useful to stay up to date in current research results in different areas. I'm now a little exhausted though, so I'm looking forward to the long weekend to relax!

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