Friday, 24 October 2014

Inflatable Solar System

It's been an exciting week because this week I received a package in the post containing a new inflatable Solar System!

I've actually never owned an inflatable Solar System before, but this will be replacing a rather flimsy cardboard Solar System I used to own (yes, you can have a 'cardboard' Solar System!). I have to say that this inflatable one is much better than my previous home-made Solar System, and will probably be much more durable too.

I bought this because I've recently been visiting some schools in my local area to give talks and I needed this model Solar System for one of the activities I do with the school children.

I use this activity to break up the talk and provide some interaction between me and the children. We talk about the different planets and their properties, and then I get some volunteers to come up and pretend to be the Solar System.

Visiting local schools and giving talks to school children is something I love doing because it gives me an opportunity to share my love of astronomy and astrophysics with people. Most people love to hear about science, in particular astronomy, so it can be a really enjoyable experience.

Plus, communicating astronomy with school children encourages them to take up scientific subjects in school and pursue them in college, and a scientifically literate workforce is good for everyone.

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